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Beginner to BlackBelt Instructor


LEARN DYNAMIC ESKRIMA by itself as a stand alone martial art by or to supplement your current art and give yourself an ace in the hole- no matter the context. I say that because it literally is my ace that no other art gives me (and I have studied many arts to master certification in my 50 years of training).

I think that it would be foolish to assume that any system can handle blade attacks better than a system completely dedicated to using blades. It is more complex than most people realize. The Gracies once proved that you need a ground game. Sure you need more than that but you better have a good ground game these days. Knives are everywhere and much more dangerous so
cross training is important.

If you think getting thrown to the ground and getting choked out is bad then just think what might happen when someone attacks you with a large knife or metal pipe.

I think that you will agree that you at least must know what to do to survive these kinds of attacks.

The video above was done mostly to inspire you to at least add some eskrima to your martial arts expertise. I want you to see the power of knife and stick fighting. I did it in a fun way on purpose. Please note that the Dynamic Eskrima Course training is done in a much slower step-by-step method of learning. It is VERY progressive and each thing you learn builds on the previous information.

Knives and sticks will always be available and most martial arts are not adequate in handling these kinds of attacks. I highly encourage you to add this to your martial arts training.

Learn Instant Defense - Blocking - Striking - Cutting - Countering attacks - Parrying - Passing - Counter for Counter - Fight Finishing Techniques - Awareness _ Body Conditioning _ Punching _ Kicking _ Grappling _ Disarms_ Inner Power _ Throws _ Weapons_ Hand-Eye Co-ordination and Much, Much More!!

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