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    "Perfecting Your Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu"

    When you enroll in a Bushindo University Course YOU GET BOTH the PHYSICAL COURSE BINDER MANUAL (no disks) and the ONLINE DOJO COMPLETE VIDEO/MANUAL TRAINING at www.BushindoUniversity.com Portal, so that you will Always have the latest teachings for life!  


    11 Master Class 1hr+ Video Trainings and their written knowledge will take literally years off your training curve.   

    PHYSICAL BINDER MANUAL (mailed - no disks) includes 236 PAGES of a MASTER Blueprint for studying Martial Arts, and especially the Ninpo Taijutsu/Ninjutsu system: That is what this Budo Taijutsu Course should be called. 10 instructors share the most important training principles! 

    “What are all the most important lessons of Budo Taijutsu ever taught to me by Soke Hatsumi over the last 25+ years?”
    This course was created to help ALL Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu practitioners understand all the dynamic relationships of the Bujinkan art. This art has never been defined the way it is in this Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Course. For many students it has been difficult to determine what they are really studying and what is important in that study. One reason is that the training draws from 9 different schools and overlaps in its concepts in every class. The other is that while concepts are explored they have not been defined all in one place leaving the student to determine for themselves what is useful in the training. This has its pros and its cons. Many students and instructors have become confused.  


    PLUS.... 70 PAGE Ten Chi Jin Manual - Shidoshi Richard Van Donk notes from 25 years of compiling and studying the Heaven Earth And Man scrolls known as the Ten Chi Jin. This is a $75 bonus value (for real check the price at the store).It is included here in case you are not real familiar with the core teachings of Soke Hatsumi.

  • When you enroll in a Bushindo University Course YOU GET BOTH the PHYSICAL COURSE BINDER MANUAL (no disks) and the ONLINE DOJO COMPLETE VIDEO/MANUAL TRAINING at www.BushindoUniversity.com Portal, so that you will Always have the latest teachings for life!  

    This includes the
    Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan, BudoTaijutsu, Shidoshi and DeCuerdas Courses (and upcoming Living the Spiritual Path 2 Course). 

    you get the ONLINE DOJO TRAINING that has all the video lessons and manual pdf's viewable on any computer and on the Phone/Tablet App PLUS you will be mailed the PHYSICAL COURSE BINDER( NO disks will be sent) so that you can hold that in your hands to read it, make notes, and add additional related studies to the Course Binder.
    Your huge Advantage is that Doshi (and shihan Instructors) can easily add additional great lesson footage directly to your Training Course in minutes. You will always have the latest training. Plus you can ask questions about any lesson the training in the study portal. Doshi is really excited about being able to add to your training.
    FYI, Our ONLINE programs at Bushindo University have always been up to date, including PDF's of the Manuals and has had more information in it due to the remastering of and lack of desire for DVD’s by some students. ONLINE training still costs the University money to run everything as much as the printed material . Most everyone loves to hold the manuals in their hands, including me.

    SO NOW YOU GET BOTH. Your Binder will be mailed and you will be given IMMEDIATE access in the Bushindo University Dojo Portal. 
    At least 3 years of study!!  Less than $10 a month... this course will change your Taijutsu forever!!
  • ALL OF IT IS ONLINE!!! View on your computer or on our Phone/Tablet APP!
    We have a DVD version If you really need them.