Living the Spiritual Path Course
"Sacred Secrets of Reaching States of Enlightenment Revealed"

Learn to meditate, open your chakras, activate your energy system, tune into God, direct your mind and experience the enlightening Quickening Process! Journey deep inside, activate an enlightened state, open your energy systems and merge with the divine source of all creation.

Awaken yourself!
Know Inner Peace Anytime you want
Eliminate Stress
Enhance concentration
Integrate Body, Mind and Spirit
Increase Mind Powers
Experience the Quickening
Awaken to your highest potential

Master Richard Van Donk has traveled the world on a spiritual quest. He has walked the path Christ carried the cross in Israel, sat under the Bodhi tree In India where Buddha obtained his enlightenment, climbed to the top of the Pyramids in Egypt, chanted with monks in Mikkyo temples in Japan, meditated with the Dalai Lama, Learned Reiki directly from Takata in the 1970's, studied the Dao teachings in China, lived in Swamji's ashram in India learning Meditation and Kriya Yoga, learned some Kuji-In/Kiri from Ninjutsu Grandmaster Hatsumi & Shingon Grandmaster Machida, sweated/chanted in healing medicine ceremonies with Native American cheifs, delved into other worlds with Amazon Shamans and much more.

Learn for yourself the secrets that these people, places,  and experiences have taught him in this concise course. Guru's have charged over $5,000 for only a few of these techniques. Invaluable training.

All your video and Audio lessons will be ONLINE in a study portal - a Manual will be sent to you. 

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Living the Spiritual Path Course $127-