TAKAGI YOSHIN RYU 2 Year COURSE 4th degree Black Belt (Yondan)

Actual step-by-step wazas of Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu Shoden / Chuden / And Okuden Levels... This includes the special 14 Kuden wazas NOT revealed in Soke Hatsumi's Unarmed Fighting Techniques of the Samurai Book.

 TAKAGI YOSHIN RYU Jujutsu 2 Year Course of Study for the Official IBDA Ninjutsu Yondan (4th Degree Blackbelt) Certification


Takagi Yoshi Ryu - In 1569 during the Yeiroku era (1568-1579) in the Funagata Yama (mountain area) of Miyagi, there was a Chinese mountain priest from the Abe family called Unryu (Cloud Dragon), who was an expert in the shuriken, bojutsu, yari, naginata and taijutsu from the Amatsu Tatara Rinpo Hiden Makimono. The Amatasu Tatara scroll was kept by the Abe, Nakatomi, Otomo, and Monobe families (Takamatsu Sensei’s family and the Kuki family also possessed a copy). The Dai Nippon Bugei Ryu-Ha gives Unryu’s name as Sounryu. He was a wandering Taoist monk, living in Rikuzen Funagawa, not far from Sanroku Mountain. Some historians have said that Unryu came from Hieizaenji Yama in Kyoto. He studied Sessho hiden no jutsu, a system that uses the yari. The Sessho hiden no jutsu is also known as the Juppo sessho no jutsu.

Unryu taught this system with the yari to a samurai from Katakura Kojuro (in Fukushima province) named Ito Ki-i Morisatada (also called Ito Sukesada). Ito was a famous martial artist of that time (1570’s) and the founder of the Itto Ryu Kenko Ryu.

The transmission of the Takagi Yoshin Ryu scrolls from Takamatsu Toshitsugu, to Hatsumi Masaaki, took place on a lucky day in the 5th Month Showa 33 (May 1959).



Takagi Yoshin Ryu IBDA CERTIFICATION  COURSE Package includes:
Step-by-step Takagi Yoshin Ryu waza complete with written instruction, pictures and step-by-step video instruction for every waza - all 97 of them. ALL ONLINE - in a study portal accessed by your computer, tablet or a dedicated phone app!! Plus a 206 page Binder Manual mailed to you. That is also online in dedicated PDF's matching the waza lessons.

YONDAN Course Training Package Includes: 

1. Training Manual - 206 In-depth Pages with 97 wazas!

History of the Takagi Yoshin school and genealogy
Soke Lineage charts
Yondan Rank Requirements
How to and how not to learn waza material

Takagi Yoshin Jutaijutsu -
97 Wazas which are broken down into these 3 levels


Shoden No Kata , Ura Gata, Eri Shimegata


Sabakigata, Tai No Gata 


Okuden No Kata, Daisho Sabaki Gata, Muto Dori and Moguri Gata

Kukishinden Ryu Sojutsu written Wazas: (NO VIDEO lessons - only written)
Yari Jutsu, Kodachi, Muto Dori 

Actual step-by-step wazas of Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu Shoden / Chuden / And Okuden Levels... This includes the special 14 Kuden wazas NOT revealed in Soke Hatsumi's Unarmed Fighting Techniques of the Samurai Book.
(Note: the UFT book by Soke Hatsumi is open material to the general public and the Bujinkan kuden is reserved for actual students of the Bujinkan arts. We at IBDA feel that Yondan level is the appropriate to offer this very special training knowledge.)

Each waza has an IBDA practice version that relates direct to the VIDEO instruction and the official often vague original densho version and often training notes on the waza. Plus the romanji, english translated name and the Japanese kanji name such as:

5. KATAMUNE DORI (Single Chest Capture) Plus the Kanji.

Having a comprehensive study of the school in written and video form is extreemly valuable for your prgression in the Bujinkan arts. Many of these wazas at this level can only be understood by training with DaiShihan, such as Doshi Richard Van Donk that has had extensive training in Japan.

When you enroll in a Bushindo University Course YOU GET BOTH the PHYSICAL COURSE BINDER MANUAL (with disks - unless you choose the option to add them - See Below!) and the ONLINE DOJO COMPLETE VIDEO/MANUAL TRAINING at www.BushindoUniversity.com Portal, so that you will Always have the latest teachings for life!  

Again, you get the ONLINE DOJO TRAINING that has all the video lessons and manual pdf's viewable on any computer and on the Phone/Tablet App PLUS you will be mailed the PHYSICAL COURSE BINDER( NO disks will be sent) so that you can hold that in your hands to read it, make notes, and add additional related studies to the Course Binder. 

Your huge Advantage is that Doshi (and shihan Instructors) can easily add additional lesson footage directly to your Online Training Course in minutes. You will always have the latest training. Plus you can ask questions on Any lesson the training in the study portal. Doshi is really excited about being able to add to your training with ease - this is not possible with DVDs.

FYI, Our ONLINE programs at Bushindo University have always been up to date, including PDF's of the Manuals and has had more information in it due to the remastering of and lack of desire for DVD’s by some students. 

ONLINE training still costs the University money to run everything as much as the printed material . Most everyone loves to hold the manuals in their hands, including me. SO NOW YOU GET BOTH. 

Your Binder will be mailed and you will be given access in the Bushindo University Dojo Online Portal.  

MORE TRAINING WILL ALWAYS BE ONLINE- as it is easier to Add!!! 


2 Years of training - averages just $14- month. We know that while most computers do not even have DVD drives anymore you may want the DVDs also. So we will provide that for awhile. Choose your best Course Option Below.

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  • FREE Lifetime Online Updates